With My Deepest Gratitude

I appreciate all of my readers, who have taken the time to comment on my most recent book,, Neglected Cries. available on Amazon. Because of you, the book now has a 9.1 rating, and this has led to many opportunities in the book and film industry for me, as well as for some of my other books.  Although my focus for December was to catch up on my painting and restoration projects, I was pulled back to the keys, and I am presently working on two books–one about my friend, Eduardo, a Cuban architect who emigrated to the United States in the 1950’s and became a rather prestigious architect in New York, following the form and function of Frank LLoyd Wright.

My other book is of a more personal nature, for my grandsons, whose generation is quite different from mine.  These are the quips and philosophies of “Junie” and pieces of knowing me on a more personal level that I would like to leave behind with them.  I am enjoying writing both books very much.

A million stories in my head, there is never enough time!  Now with the holiday upon us, I can only imagine how busy many of you are as families, and I wish you all a lovely new year—and don’t stop reading!

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