Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets by June Kelley Pierce

Two young cousins, Jenny OShea and Jade Ritchie, share a special bond that goes beyond family and friendship. When that bond is tested by abuse, the two girls come to learn the value of their friendship. They share a powerful, empowering, and emotional journey as they both fight to protect their childhood and their innocence.When an older cousin arrives, the darkness of his intentions quickly becomes clear, but only to the girls. To the outside world, he is a loving big brother and a protector, but the girls quickly learn that appearances can be deceiving. They know that, unless they can outwit him, they run the risk of becoming prisoners to his sinister plans. His cunning and perverse intentions are a constant threat that they are determined to fight off together.But just as they are about to launch their own defensive against him, they are separated. Once alone, each girls life becomes indescribably more complicated and dangerous. And just when freedom is within sight, an even darker secret is revealed– one that will change their lives forever. Theirs is a story of resilience and the power of the human spirit.