For Educators

Dear Readers,

 It was such a pleasure for me to be a teacher of both Regular Education and Special Education for many years. There is, without question, the stark reality of the tools that many children lack in order to learn to solve problems in their daily lives. The issues of bullying, (both digital and physical), self-esteem and dealing with the death of a loved one are just a few challenges they commonly face. When I retired from teaching and reflected on the many needs I witnessed, I decided to write a book that might help. There is so much involved in keeping a child positive and on the right path that I was inspired to write children’s skill books for parents and educators.  My hope was that they would help to discuss strategies and give children the words so they might learn to talk about their fears.

I have met with many children as I introduced these books in their schools. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak with teachers, principals, social workers and school psychologists as they reviewed and purchased the books for grade-level classrooms. The critical thinking questions at the end of many of the books have provided ready discussion topics that help to solve problems not only at school but on the playground and even on the school bus and at home.

All of my books can be made available to teachers, PTA’s as well as to libraries in an effort to keep the discussion going!  I always make myself personally available for both intimate classroom talks as well as for larger educational forums where solutions can, hopefully, be found to the many challenges that our children face today. 

Be well!

June Pierce