Neglected Cries

The test of survival lies within one’s character, and, yet, experiences can jade you and change life forever. Bea and Bobby McCreary’s chances to experience the life their mother had hoped for them became dimmer and dimmer as sacrifice and starvation crept in. Post-World War II circumstances led their mother, Lottie, to the point of desperation where she sunk to depths she never could have imagined. It was a world turned upside down where morals and ethics played a smaller part. It was only satisfying their hunger and staying alive that became their daily mission in life. This story, inspired by true events, happened not only for Bea and Bobby but for thousands of other children whose families felt that survival seemed possible–only if their children were handed over to orphanages to foster their care. What a rude awakening and choice it would be–an orphanage, a workhouse-or the street-if these children survived at all.