New Release by Brother & Sister Team June Kelley Pierce and Bill Kelly!

This brother and sister team decided to combine their efforts and themes to present exciting tales of unexpected events and emotions. Ordinary events lead to extraordinary outcomes. As relationships and expectations change for all of us in our everyday lives, these stories take in the raw emotion and attributes that allow you to experience the characters as if you were playing the roles yourself.

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New! The Boy and the Bunny

We are each unique in our personalities and characteristics. To recognize differences can be joyful, as we recognize that everyone is special in his or her own way. It makes friendships adventuresome and exciting. We are given this opportunity to live and learn through someone else’s eyes. The Bunny and the Boy tout their own special qualities and embrace their differences, compromising and opening up the world of friendship.

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Painful Truths


You have entered my heart but remember you are seeing life from the inside out. So many triumphs, losses and lessons but that’s what life is all about. So exit my friends as you witness with me that hope and gratitude are what we finally see.


Zoe Poupoirre was physically mature beyond her years. At the age of 13, she dreams of all that life would bring her if she married a young man of means. She discovers that her buxom and full, womanly figure along with her…


Mary’s teacher suddenly appeared as a few children began to stray from the straight line she had originally formed. She ushered the children back to their places until it was time to board their bus. Too many goddammed rules…

From the Writer’s Desk

Signs of Spring

Hello to all! What a great feeling after a very long winter to see all the signs of spring! This past season was a very productive writing time for me.  I have just finished a new children’s book called The Little Boy and the Bunny, (Now on Amazon) which is an addition to my skill series. Continue reading “Signs of Spring”

June Kelley Pierce Author Portrait

Meet June Kelley Pierce

June Kelley Pierce, now retired after a teaching career, has a Master’s Degree in both Education and Special Education as well as an Undergraduate Degree is Sociology and Psychology. A native of Northern New York, Pierce has made her home in the Mid-Hudson Valley. This is Pierce’s second novel.

June Pierce Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Writing and Art