Familiar Bristles Bookcover

New! Familiar Bristles

Ian enters the thick shrubbery and woods that conceal the pond. Not wanting to get wet as he searches for minnows, he pulls his shirt over his head and throws it on the grass behind him. Gazing into the water, he smiles at his reflection and notices there are two bristly heads instead of one.

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Mommy's Home Bookcover

New! Mommy’s Home

Jonathan hurries downstairs to join his mother for breakfast. She hadn’t called him down as she usually does and, although, he wonders about that, his tummy is growling, and he quickly stuffs his pajamas under his pillow.
What? No oatmeal on the stove? Cold cereal and juice? Where is Mom?

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The test of survival lies within one’s character, and, yet, experiences can jade you and change life forever. Bea and Bobby McCreary’s chances to experience the life their mother had hoped for them became dimmer and dimmer as sacrifice and starvation crept in. Post-World War II circumstances led their mother, Lottie, to the point of desperation where she sunk to depths she never could have imagined.

Famililar Bristles Book Cover


This brother and sister team decided to combine their efforts and themes to present exciting tales of unexpected events and emotions. Ordinary events lead to extraordinary outcomes. As relationships and expectations change for all of us in our everyday lives, these stories take in the raw emotion and attributes that allow you to experience the characters as if you were playing the roles yourself.


Mary’s teacher suddenly appeared as a few children began to stray from the straight line she had originally formed. She ushered the children back to their places until it was time to board their bus. Too many goddammed rules as far as I’m concerned, he thought. Mary seemed unconcerned with the rules for the most part, and he laughed when she twirled her skirt and bounced around anyway. She was some little tease!

From the Writer’s Desk


I’m enjoying each day of this beautiful autumn where I am walking on my property, taking in the sweetness of the fallen leaves and their color, wishing this would last forever.  I particularly like the cool air, and I’m now thinking about my next book.  Today, I will be submitting into publication my latest novel, NotContinue reading “FALLING FOR AUTUMN”

New Work

It’s been a very rainy spring and early summer, which has given me plenty of time to write and be productive! I’ve been helping my friend, Eduardo Faxas, write his first book, which is an autobiography that focuses on his lifetime of accomplishments in architecture.  Eduardo, who is now 92, realized his American dream whenContinue reading “New Work”

New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year to all my readers, writers and friends!  I have enjoyed painting and restoring during the holidays– even though, on most days, it was a mad dash to make it to my studio and put that final layer of varnish on a piece I had intended to gift. In my mind’s eye, IContinue reading “New Year, New Projects”

June Kelley Pierce Author Portrait

Meet June Kelley Pierce

June Kelley Pierce, now retired after a teaching career, has a Master’s Degree in both Education and Special Education as well as an Undergraduate Degree is Sociology and Psychology. A native of Northern New York, Pierce has made her home in the Mid-Hudson Valley. This is Pierce’s second novel.

June Pierce Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Writing and Art