Ms. Pierce is available to participate in book club readings, book signings, library events and interactive anti-bullying discussions.


Everybody wants to get rich quick…opportunities come–even in small towns. Jake and Ellie Taylor read about a local boy who won big and, to Jake’s surprise, soon after, he finds himself holding two golden tickets to a newly opened casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Atlantic City was the farthest he and Ellie had ever travelled from their small farming, town in Pennsylvania.

Famililar Bristles Book Cover


This brother and sister team decided to combine their efforts and themes to present exciting tales of unexpected events and emotions. Ordinary events lead to extraordinary outcomes. As relationships and expectations change for all of us in our everyday lives, these stories take in the raw emotion and attributes that allow you to experience the characters as if you were playing the roles yourself.


The test of survival lies within one’s character, and, yet, experiences can jade you and change life forever. Bea and Bobby McCreary’s chances to experience the life their mother had hoped for them became dimmer and dimmer as sacrifice and starvation crept in. Post-World War II circumstances led their mother, Lottie, to the point of desperation where she sunk to depths she never could have imagined.

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Thank You All!

Thank you to all the book enthusiasts who attended the Poughkeepsie Book Festival on April 1st.  It was wonderful to meet all the authors,  illustrators and readers!.  This was my second year of attending this event, and I look forward to returning next year!  We have been offering a raffle prize of my children’s books…

Not in the Cards

A belated Happy Valentine’s Day for all of those romantics out there!  I wish that I could write a lovely romantic novel.  Apparently, there is a part of me that likes to write about the dark side of things and a light social-teaching side for children’s books.  It’s a good balance for me, and I…

New Year…New Perspectives

Happy Holidays to all! I am looking forward to a new year with new perspectives! I’ll be focusing on my new children’s book, which will be illustrated by Fine Artist Tatiana Rhinevault, who also illustrated my Buford the Bully Series books as well as a couple of my other children’s titles. As I mentioned in…

Meet June Kelley Pierce

June Kelley Pierce, now retired after a teaching career, has a Master’s Degree in both Education and Special Education as well as an Undergraduate Degree is Sociology and Psychology. A native of Northern New York, Pierce has made her home in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

June Pierce Celebrated for Dedication to the Fields of Writing and Art