Mary’s teacher suddenly appeared as a few children began to stray from the straight line she had originally formed. She ushered the children back to their places until it was time to board their bus. Too many goddammed rules as far as I’m concerned, he thought. Mary seemed unconcerned with the rules for the most part, and he laughed when she twirled her skirt and bounced around anyway. She was some little tease! He could hardly breathe with excitement as he watched her. He’d been patient, waiting and watching, intent on her next move. Nervously, he began to pick his teeth with the toothpick he’d found on the seat. It wasn’t long before he dropped the toothpick, and his hand slid down to his zipper. Suddenly, he was aware that there was a knock on the driver’s side window. It startled the hell out of him and embarrassed him. His face turned bright red. He struggled to gain composure as he rolled down the window.


Having read Keeping Secrets about the evil Lennie and his preying on innocent cousins, I had to read this sequel. I usually like to read history or historical based works that are enjoyable even just before turning in for the night. This is not to be read to help the eyes get heavy. Lennie is so evil as an adult and what is disturbing is knowing that people like that do exist. The author is to be credited for a vivid imagination since this is a work of fiction. What creativity to come up with the plot twists and turns. When you think you might have the ending figured out, think again.

Well written and recommended if you like crime stories or revenge themes.

S. Pierce