Zoe Poupoirre was physically mature beyond her years. At the age of 13, she dreams of all that life would bring her if she married a young man of means. She discovers that her buxom and full, womanly figure along with her flirtatious spirit, are appealing to men and a great asset to her. It was the turn of the century and, coming from the small, rural community of Watertown, New York, Zoe felt trapped amid the social protocol of the Victorian era, particularly in the social context of her family’s expectations. Her rebellious nature, along with her growing narcissism, help make her more of a risk-taker than a follower. Zoe is fervently pursued by Henri Rousseau, a handsome and wealthy gentleman, who, in his late 20’s, would one day be the sole owner of his family’s mercantile business. This would be several steps up from her middle-class family. Henri was but one of many husbands and lovers to follow. Zoe moves on very quickly, eliminating what is not useful.


A tale of narcissistic romance, passion, and greed leading to a trail of woe for unlucky lovers.

The main character is criminal and knows no regret for her life of seeking rewards for her offers of passion and vitality. Her life has enough periods of seeming normalcy or examples of people blinded by her spirit and beauty, that the reader can almost lose sight of her evil soul. This fast paced one day read was professionally written and the ending could have gone different ways.

S. Pierce