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Find Me on Amazon!

I’m elated that all my books are finally on Amazon…it has been a very busy year. It’s been delightful in so many ways to be able to put my thoughts down on paper.

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New Work

It’s been a very rainy spring and early summer, which has given me plenty of time to write and be productive! I’ve been helping my friend, Eduardo Faxas, write his first book, which is an autobiography that focuses on his lifetime of accomplishments in architecture.  Eduardo, who is now 92, realized his American dream whenContinue reading “New Work”

New Novel Focuses on Relocation of British Orphans Prior to 1960

During the latter part of the winter and still in the midst of our Covid Crisis, I decided to write a novel about the overcrowded British orphanages and the country’s solution to the problem by sending them to Canada, Australia and Africa between 1890 and 1960.  The facts I discovered were close to unbelievable inContinue reading “New Novel Focuses on Relocation of British Orphans Prior to 1960”


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