Painful Truths

Painful Truths

You have entered my heart but remember you are seeing life from the inside out. So many triumphs, losses and lessons but that’s what life is all about. So exit my friends as you witness with me that hope and gratitude are what we finally see.

A blink…a sigh
what seemed like only seconds past
came reeling, spinning out of sight.
no time left to make it right.

It was worth every tear, every joy!

The cry at birth or mournful tears
of live well lived—
these were my years.


Go inside the head, heart, and soul of the author as she recounts a full life.
Even if you have no knowledge of the author’s actual life story, the details, imagery, and impressions created through the prose will enlighten you. I imagine this beautifully written story to be read someday by a younger great grandchild looking for knowledge of his ancestor. Even for a non-relative the poignant images are inspiring.

S. Pierce