Buford the Bully Series

Buford the Bully

Buford is a large, lonely bullfrog. Having left his home in the wetlands, he is excited to be living in Sweet Valley where the pond is a flurry of activity. As he watches others play, Buford is not asked to join them. His anger and jealousy lead to bullying. Buford finds out the hard way that his behavior needs to change.

Buford Finds A Home

Buford the Bully lumbered through the marsh, angry and confused about being banished from Sweet Valley. He had hoped for friendships and a new home but that was all over… When a friendly turtle, by the name of Twemmy meets Buford along the marsh path he gives Buford some advice about friendship. Buford dismisses it, and they depart in opposite directions. Twemmy’s advice lingers and Buford, more confused than ever, carelessly leaps into unknown territory and finds himself in a desperate situation. Croaking loudly, for someone to rescue him, Buford soon learns some valuable lessons in friendship.

Parent/Teacher Guide to the Buford Series

The Buford The Bully Series presents to children everywhere the bullying dynamics that affect children’s lives on a daily basis-in schools, at home, and in our communities. There is a growing awareness that the time to act, inform, and strategize is now. The Buford Series Guide provides parents and professionals with critical thinking questions and an emotional exploration of each of the individuals, as they struggle within the dynamics of bullying behaviors

Remembering Uncle Remy

Remembering Uncle Remmy

Frantic cries from a surprise visitor turn Buford’s world upside down. As Buford hear the news about his Uncle Remmy, he is deeply saddened. With the help of a good friend, Munch, he returns to the Hollow– their longtime home, with a plan to celebrate Uncle Remmy’s life of kindness with gratitude, and he involves friends and neighbors. Buford learns a positive approach to deal with sadness and loss.