New Novel Focuses on Relocation of British Orphans Prior to 1960

During the latter part of the winter and still in the midst of our Covid Crisis, I decided to write a novel about the overcrowded British orphanages and the country’s solution to the problem by sending them to Canada, Australia and Africa between 1890 and 1960. 

The facts I discovered were close to unbelievable in man’s inhumanity to man, and yet, I have witnessed this kind of evil that exists in our everyday life.  The photographs I have included in the book come from the Australian archives and were worth the wait.  Those who were lucky enough to survive their own childhoods under these circumstances, deserve your attention and applause.   In the name of the government’s mandatory program to save children from starvation, their religious appointees mistreated these orphans to such an extent that it will be forever etched in time.  

I would like the major focus of the reader to be on the courage and resilience it takes to have survived these atrocities and move forward in having a life.  This novel will be for sale on Amazon very soon! 

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