New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year to all my readers, writers and friends! 

I have enjoyed painting and restoring during the holidays– even though, on most days, it was a mad dash to make it to my studio and put that final layer of varnish on a piece I had intended to gift.

In my mind’s eye, I cannot simply take the sabbatical I thought I would from writing.  I am creating characters for my next novel as I shop among the masked crowd, squinted eyes, adjusting masks and patiently waiting in line with impatient voices and brusk movements.  As I look around and take bits and pieces of behaviors during this pandemic, it will not be difficult to write another juicy, dark novel.  We have all endured and hope that life will resume to some sort of normalcy over the winter.  As  I imagine my readers, sitting in front of the fire, laden with handcrafts or curled up reading a good book, I am secretly hoping it is one of mine.  

I am proud to announce my daughter Lori’s new children’s book, Not Scared at All, now available on amazon and a delight to read.

I am actively involved now with a production company that is writing a movie script based on Neglected Cries and soon a trailer will b e made for my readers to view.  This in turn will be presented to movie companies and– fingers crossed–it will be successful!

I wish you all an interesting and productive time in this forced march that we are made to step to.  All we can do each day is our best—that works for me and I hope it does for you.

Happy reading!  


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