New Novel Focuses on Relocation of British Orphans Prior to 1960

During the latter part of the winter and still in the midst of our Covid Crisis, I decided to write a novel about the overcrowded British orphanages and the country’s solution to the problem by sending them to Canada, Australia and Africa between 1890 and 1960.  The facts I discovered were close to unbelievable inContinue reading “New Novel Focuses on Relocation of British Orphans Prior to 1960”

Finalist in Indie Excellence Book Award

It was such a thrill for me to receive notice of being a finalist in the Indie Excellence Book Awards.  After several years of feverishly writing novels and children’s books, I had been encouraged to enter a few contests.  Whether I’m winning or I’m just in the running, it was wonderful for my book, Restitution, to beContinue reading “Finalist in Indie Excellence Book Award”

Write Your Pandemic Story

In this brave new world we find ourselves in, I strongly encourage everyone to write.  We are masked faces, struggling to survive this pandemic.  One doesn’t have to try to place themselves in the character or imagine feelings, thoughts or dialogue.  We are living it! The setting is anywhere in the world.  Plots are numerous,Continue reading “Write Your Pandemic Story”

October is Anti-bullying Awareness Month.

It seems almost impossible that for all the years that I remember, there have been bullies.  For all the great advice that has been levied to eradicate it, it still exists.  I am of the mind that it will always be present.  It is through my books, Buford the Bully, Buford Finds a Home andContinue reading “October is Anti-bullying Awareness Month.”