Thank You All!

Thank you to all the book enthusiasts who attended the Poughkeepsie Book Festival on April 1st.  It was wonderful to meet all the authors,  illustrators and readers!.  This was my second year of attending this event, and I look forward to returning next year!  We have been offering a raffle prize of my children’s books and will continue to do so.  I am hoping to do man y book signings over the summer through our local libraries, including a focus on my Buford the Bully Series and hope you will watch for it or order the series through Amazon as it offers many strategies to help young people feel more comfortable in their daily setting, whether in school, at summer camp or on the playground.  Words are important and to be able to defend those words even more so.  Wishing you a happy spring!

One more thing, I am now on Instagram.  Follow me @junepierceauthor

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