Not in the Cards

Not in the Cards

A belated Happy Valentine’s Day for all of those romantics out there!  I wish that I could write a lovely romantic novel.  Apparently, there is a part of me that likes to write about the dark side of things and a light social-teaching side for children’s books.  It’s a good balance for me, and I usually write them simultaneously.  Any thoughts of romance are wedged in between.  

My newly published book, Not In the Cards, will be available soon on Amazon.  It was an interesting book to write and, although, I am not a gambler by interest or habit, I did learn a lot about that side of life.  And I wonder how I would have faired being one of the main characters.  That is part of the joy of writing.  I can take vicarious trips though characters, planning plots that are challenging and then figuring out ways to escape and find justice for them.  In this book, Jake and Ellie find themselves locked in an almost unbelievable situation that they never could have anticipated.  There’s an unpredictable ending and it’s a “feel good” kind of story where hope somehow survives.

I hope you will enjoy my new book! For those of you who liked  the short stories in What If, I will be teaming up with my brother, Bill Kelley, once again for another series of short stories–and, hopefully, my daughter, Lori, will add a few of her own.

Looking forward to our next blog when it is officially spring.

Until then, enjoy our unseasonably good weather!

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