Falling for Autumn

I’m enjoying each day of this beautiful autumn where I am walking on my property, taking in the sweetness of the fallen leaves and their color, wishing this would last forever.  I particularly like the cool air, and I’m now thinking about my next book.  Today, I will be submitting into publication my latest novel, Not in the Cards.  It will be available on amazon in early 2023.  It’s a different twist for me to be developing a plot in an early gambling casino in the 1960’s. The story follows a young couple to New Jersey, looking for a chance to make it big, but in the end, they are faced with much more than they anticipated.  I enjoyed writing this book and exploring some new territory.

Meanwhile, I have picked up a new passion of writing song lyrics.  Good, bad or indifferent, they are being written for later review.  Writing lyrics is something I have wanted to do for a awhile but did not take the opportunity to carve out the time between writing children’s books and novels.

My daughter, Lori, and I are exploring the idea of writing a book together.  Her most recent book, Not Scared at All, is well worth the read, as all children using their emotion and imagination have similar experiences.  I love her creative spirit, and I am looking forward to our combined effort.

Wishing you an enjoyable and extended autumn!


One thought on “Falling for Autumn

  1. I always new you were smart, now I found out that by you talking on the texting format, it converts to a readable text and it goes out on the world for others to read I am so far no in tune with this world ‘s ‘technology.!

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