New Work

It’s been a very rainy spring and early summer, which has given me plenty of time to write and be productive!

I’ve been helping my friend, Eduardo Faxas, write his first book, which is an autobiography that focuses on his lifetime of accomplishments in architecture.  Eduardo, who is now 92, realized his American dream when he transferred from the University of Havana to Georgia Tech during the Castro years.  It is so exciting to think about how he knew Frank Lloyd Wright and adopted his philosophy of form and function as his own.  This book will launch in celebration of his birthday in October!

I’m already working on my next book, which will be set in an Atlantic City casino in the 1950’s.  Ellie and Jake are newlyweds, who travel to New Jersey, also in search of their American dream.  I am currently working on the title and the book’s cover in anticipation of it going to print by mid-summer!

I’m hoping you enjoy the great weather while it lasts!

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