October is Anti-bullying Awareness Month.

It seems almost impossible that for all the years that I remember, there have been bullies.  For all the great advice that has been levied to eradicate it, it still exists.  I am of the mind that it will always be present.  It is through my books, Buford the Bully, Buford Finds a Home andContinue reading “October is Anti-bullying Awareness Month.”

Misunderstood: A Story of Love and Betrayal

Any skeletons in your closet?Many families have their own suspicions….Misunderstood is an entertaining tale of love and betrayal.  Zoe Poupoirre is physically mature beyond her years and dreams of all that life will bring her if she marries a young man of means.  She discovers that her buxom and full, womanly figure, along with her flirtatiousContinue reading “Misunderstood: A Story of Love and Betrayal”

Find Me on Amazon

I’m elated that all my books are finally on Amazon…it has been a very busy year.  It’s been delightful in so many ways to be able to put my thoughts down on paper.  As I work in varying genres, it has been both a learning experience and an emotional journey to encapsulate my memoir in verse—something thatContinue reading “Find Me on Amazon”

Will Lenny Get His Due?

I gave the book Restitution the most serious thought.  Since it is an extension of my first book, Keeping Secrets, it was important for me to extend the mature personality of the antagonist, Lenny, whose sociopathic behavior, although fictional, is real in every-day life.  It illustrates Lenny’s thirst for violence and abuse, not only to children but to adultsContinue reading “Will Lenny Get His Due?”