Signs of Spring

Hello to all!

What a great feeling after a very long winter to see all the signs of spring! This past season was a very productive writing time for me.  I have just finished a new children’s book called The Little Boy and the Bunny, (Now on Amazon) which is an addition to my skill series. 

I have two other children’s books that are currently being illustrated.  Mommy’s Home, Hooray Hooray!  and Familiar Bristles are expected to be out this summer. They were very enjoyable to write after many months of working on my rather intense novels.  

It has been an adventure for me to write in such a wide array of genres.  I have maximized my time and effort and have enjoyed the quiet time, imagining dialogue by vicariously living through my most vulnerable characters, giving them the power to overcome unfortunate situations with a show of strength.  Isn’t that what we all hope for in life?

There is sometimes a great deal of work and strife before achieving happy endings.
Much, much more to come…stay tuned!

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