Write Your Pandemic Story

In this brave new world we find ourselves in, I strongly encourage everyone to write.  We are masked faces, struggling to survive this pandemic.  One doesn’t have to try to place themselves in the character or imagine feelings, thoughts or dialogue.  We are living it!

The setting is anywhere in the world.  Plots are numerous, data and solutions ever-changing.  As the writer of this blog, I realize that data is being collected, and we are in the experimental stage where anything goes.  

As I walk down the street or drive through the towns and cities, I try to imagine what people living in the 60’s might have thought if a bus had dropped them off to Anywhere USA in 2020.  Would it have felt like a sci-fi movie?  But then someone would hand them a mask or two and tell them to suit up and keep six feet apart.  The fear and anxiety would be insurmountable.  THIS ISN’T JUST A BAD DREAM.  THIS IS REAL!

Who might have orchestrated this set of circumstances?  Or did it just fall upon us?  Has the world become so accustomed to living this way, that it will never be the same?  You’ve been given everything to write your story.  What will your final resolution be?  Will it be based on hope and problem-solving?  Or will you summon Dr. Darkness, who will take us deep into a world without hope with new rules, vaccinations for some and survival rate for few?  

These are the circumstances we’ve been faced with, but you are the architect of your own story, be it a happy ending or a continual disaster.  Let us not forget about optimism, progress and the genius to be celebrated. 

Write, write, write about the most insignificant things, and make them important.  Turn disaster into stories where happy endings can still happen.  

Spring is here!  

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