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I’m elated that all my books are finally on Amazon…it has been a very busy year.  It’s been delightful in so many ways to be able to put my thoughts down on paper.  As I work in varying genres, it has been both a learning experience and an emotional journey to encapsulate my memoir in verse—something that just came to me where my words and emotions over time became important enough for me not to lose them.  I hope you will appreciate the joy, pain, loss and gratitude in my most recent book, Painful Truths, a Memoir in Verse.

One thought on “Find Me on Amazon

  1. i know this author and, I may be a bit biased, but I believe not. Drawing from her up bring and adult life she is able to go into truthful depth’s in her different themed books. “A Dismal Day In the Life of Iggy Fray”, what a delightful title and the wonderful illustrations’ enable this good story to Pop.
    I have read all her published books and are continually amassed that she can intermingle from one type of story to another. .I understand she has three to five children books and two more novels coming out soon. i an anticipating reading them. I certainly suggest reading her books, they are thought provoking and written on truth’s.
    salvatore Pusatere

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