Iggy Fray Comes to Life

Iggy Fray comes to live in a beautifully illustrated children's story by June K. Pierce.

Iggy Fray was an enjoyable social skills book to write and I applaud Julia Green for bringing it to life.  As a child, I moved many times and remember asking myself if I would be able to make friends.  Fortunately for me, I always did but less fortunate are those children who often move mid-year when social dynamics are already set for a classroom.  It takes caring parents and very astute teachers to identify the problems a classroom often faces in their dynamics.  For Iggy, he was a bright and interesting boy who quietly waited to be discovered.  When he wasn’t successful and didn’t know how to move forward, eating filled a void and gave him comfort.  As the book progresses, it is through the intervention of an exceptional teacher that Iggy finally gets noticed.  With online teaching, such intervention is obsolete