Will Lenny Get His Due?

Will Lenny Get His Due in Restitution by June K. Pierce

I gave the book Restitution the most serious thought.  Since it is an extension of my first book, Keeping Secrets, it was important for me to extend the mature personality of the antagonist, Lenny, whose sociopathic behavior, although fictional, is real in every-day life.  It illustrates Lenny’s thirst for violence and abuse, not only to children but to adults as well.  We follow this story wondering when Lenny will get his due and what it will be—what will Lenny’s demise finally be?  Or does he live on in another twisted scenario, damaging more and more lives?  In reality, we have to ask ourselves what is happening with abused children and spouses during this confining, Coronavirus pandemic when there is no escape.